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Micro.blog offers a balanced approach to blog hosting with the flexibility to let Micro.blog host a blog for you and handle everything, so that microblogging is easy, or bring your own existing blog and customize it.

Here’s how the plans work. You can create multiple microblogs for different topics or businesses. When a trial expires, it switches to the free plan.

  • Your own Micro.blog username.
  • Replying to other blog posts.
  • Add an external blog such as WordPress for posting.
  • Use the iOS and Mac apps to browse the timeline or post to supported external blogs.
  • No Micro.blog-hosted blog.
  • No page at username.micro.blog.

What people are saying.

“Micro.blog gave me a frictionless way to do what I always wanted to do: put my thoughts and feelings out there on my own blog.”

— Gabriel Santiago.

"Micro.blog is a place where 'users' can became people again. It’s social at the speed of human."

— Greg Moore

“Slower paced, quieter and thus less demanding on one’s attention. It’s not about chasing likes or followers, or posting quick takes.”

— Paul Robert Lloyd

“Micro.blog is not an alternative silo: instead, it’s what you build when you believe that the web itself is the great social network.

– Brent Simmons

“The social network you can feel good about.

— Annie Mueller