Start a microblog today. Easy to publish, own your content, great cross-posting.

Micro.blog shows recent posts from sites and people you are following. Micro.blog posts are short — quick thoughts, links to web sites, and replies to friends. It's a fast timeline that's powered by RSS and the open web.

favorites conversation posting

Integrated timeline from blogs

Browse posts from friends, powered by RSS and indie microblogs.

iPhone app posts to Micro.blog or WordPress

View the timeline and post to your microblog in one app.

Option for hosted microblog with your own domain

Map a custom domain to your new microblog.

Customize your microblog with themes

Control the look of your own site with built-in themes.

Markdown highlighting

Hosted blogs have a full web interface with a Markdown editor.

RSS feeds and APIs

Post from other blogging apps, use our Sidebar.js include, and more.

Your content, your site.

Publish to your own site, host directly on Micro.blog, or use any service that can generate RSS feeds. Text in each post should be short, 280 characters or less, without a title. Then just add your RSS feed to Micro.blog and anyone can follow you.

Instead of trying to be a full social network, Micro.blog is a thin layer that glues the open web together, making it more useful. Micro.blog adds discovery and conversations on top of previously unconnected blog posts.

Learn more about why I created Micro.blog.

A timeline of recent posts.

The timeline covers the last few days. Because the real content lives on other web sites, there's no need to store everything on Micro.blog itself. This keeps everything lightweight and fast. (Hosted microblogs and replies posted through Micro.blog are kept forever, though.)

This separation is what makes Micro.blog different than other social networks. Posts are stored in Micro.blog only to make the timeline useful. Your own microblog web site is the permanent location for your writing.

The fastest way to start a microblog.

Micro.blog offers a paid plan with a hosted microblog. For $5/month, we'll create a new site that's integrated into Micro.blog. You'll get your own site URL, but can post directly from the Micro.blog web interface, the official iPhone app, or from many other compatible apps.

Hosted microblogs are served from your-username.micro.blog. It's a full published site, with its own HTML pages and RSS feed, generated through templates with Jekyll. It's tied back to Micro.blog through the RSS feed, just like any microblog, no matter where it's hosted.

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Cross-post to Twitter.

RSS feeds registered in Micro.blog can add automatic cross-posting to Twitter or Facebook with the cross-posting bot. Micro.blog cross-posting uses smart truncation so that short posts look just like tweets, and longer posts get a link back to your own blog.

We believe in the IndieWebCamp's POSSE approach: publish on your own site, syndicate elsewhere. Some of the advantages they list for cross-posting include owning your content, reducing third-party dependencies, canonical URLs, and better search.

See the help for more about cross-posting.

Questions? Check out the help site or email help@micro.blog. Micro.blog was created by Manton Reece with inspiration from many developers and writers who want to control their own content. Of course there's an API.