What is Micro.blog?

Micro.blog is a unique platform that combines blog hosting with a social media-style timeline and community.

It’s a paid hosting service for personal blogs that makes it easy to publish short or long posts. Use it for short thoughts, longer essays, photos, podcasts, what books you’re reading, links to news articles, and more.

It’s a community whose members share posts via a timeline that is a safe space for conversations, free from advertising, trolling, and abuse, with community guidelines that are enforced.

Micro.blog launched in 2017 with a Kickstarter campaign supported by 3000 backers.

A social web timeline

Micro.blog's timeline shows posts from people you're following. It's always chronological. There are no trends, no ads, no boosts, and no extra clutter.

Micro.blog doesn't have like counts or follower counts. It's not a popularity contest. Private bookmarks instead of public likes let you reference a post or blog about it later. This focus on posts also simplifies the timeline and encourages quick replies when you want to acknowledge someone's post.

Micro.blog values

We believe the web is the great social network and that open standards make the web a better place. We believe in IndieWeb and fediverse standards so that you own your data and different apps can work together. We support and encourage our customers to use their own domain names for their blogs. We also encourage third-party developers who want to create apps that work with Micro.blog, and make APIs available for them to use at no charge.

We believe in treating our customers as people, and we expect our community members to treat each other with respect as individuals. From the beginning, we have had strong community guidelines and community management to ensure this.

The people behind Micro.blog

Manton Reece: founder and lead developer. Manton is a long-time web developer. He built several iOS apps, Mac apps, the first Twitter sync API Tweet Marker, and other web services before growing disillusioned with big centralized social media platforms. He is the author of the book Indie Microblogging.

Jean MacDonald: community manager. Jean joined the Micro.blog team at the very beginning while it was still a prototype. Jean leads the curation of the Discover section, works to resolve any community issues that appear, interviews bloggers on our Micro Monday podcast, and helps shape the direction of the platform. Before joining Micro.blog, she was founder and director of the non-profit App Camp For Girls and she was a partner at the indie Mac and iOS developer Smile, where she managed marketing and community relations.

Vincent Ritter: web and mobile developer. Vincent leads mobile app development and has been instrumental in shipping the Android version of Micro.blog and redesigning our mobile apps, as well as improving many areas of the core web platform.

Jon Hays: mobile developer. Jon co-developed our companion iOS apps Sunlit for photos and Wavelength for podcasting. He has a full-time gig as the CEO of Silverpine Software, but still lends a hand with Micro.blog coding from time to time.

What you can do with Micro.blog

  • blog short microblog posts or full-length posts with titles
  • post photos with an automatic photos web page collecting your photos
  • use your own domain name or register a new domain easily
  • track the books you read and post reviews
  • host a podcast
  • post videos
  • keep an archive of web page bookmarks
  • make highlights in saved web pages and quickly create new posts with quotes
  • import and export all sorts of data in different formats
  • use a variety of apps for posting
  • create custom themes for your blog

Need more information?

There are many help articles at help.micro.blog and community discussions on Micro.blog features. You can also mention @help on the timeline or email help@micro.blog.