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My Neck - that thing that sits twixt head and shoulders - is a little strained today - mainly due to popping over to this site to get todays’ word for MicroBlogVember.

Was it a little later than usual ?

2019-11-13 9:04 pm
An Exotic Journey lateniteharp.com
2019-11-13 9:04 pm

I just signed a contract for one of my short stories, a process I really didn’t know anything about. David Steffen from Diabolical Plots has written a helpful introduction to “Negotiating Short Story Contracts.”

2019-11-13 8:55 pm

I wonder if this service could revive my blogging habit. I started in 2003, but it has been somewhat in abeyance lately

2019-11-13 8:52 pm

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