Dear IndieWeb, it may be time to start considering the user, not just the technical spec. by Eli Mellen I’ve been working on a series of walkthrough posts that outline how to IndieWebify a Wordpress site. I presumed the initial setup would be fairly straightforward because a) I have a... mrkapowski.com
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@MrKapowski 1000% with you both. Been saying it for a while. The problem is a common one in tech ... that peope are so close to it .. that they forget what they know and just assume that it is ‘common knowledge’.

Case in point .. web mentions ... I have read and re read how to make web mentions work on a word press site and tried to implement .. and always failed when I try to implement.

On the latest site @joejenett took the reins and got it working for @justgoodmusic but even he hit issues, which yes, he wrestled to the ground and sorted, but wow it is not easy.

What was that old line about developers ... 90% of them want to work on the first 90% of the project and only 10% want to work on the last 10%.

The point being that new projects keep getting kicked off and reach a point that are good enough to do what you need to do ... before a squirrel runs by ... and you are off to the next one.

The final 10% of all those projects only have roughly 10% of the resources to finish them off and get them to a level that might allow for broader adoption.

IMHO ... the indie world will not be adopted by ‘main street’ until some of the projects get that last 10% done .. but I fear that the indie world is populated by the 90%.

Then again, just like a fine boutique winery, that everybody loves ... until so many go there that it becomes so popular that nobody goes anymore ... I wonder if indie web is in a similar space. We’re all just fine in our boutique ... by all means come on over and enjoy what we have, we’ll even help you ... a lot ... but if you don’t bring your own glass and cork screw ... well ..

// copying @ron who I know is of similar mind.