The result of twelve years of research, Reclaiming the Sacred draws on the work of thousands of psychologists and economists, cosmologists and activists, saints and poets, to ground us in our inherent joy, purpose, and belonging-both for our own sakes and the sake of the world.It starts with an overview of the science of happiness, highlighting the things that most nourish human well-being-and some that don't, most notably money and possessions. It goes on to examine the ways money nonetheless hooks so many of us, and the profound consequences our materialism has for us and the world-most critically the global climate crisis.And then it goes beyond all of that, diving into the very heart of ourselves and the world, taking us on an exhilarating journey-both scientific and mystical-of reclaiming the sacredness of ourselves and this gorgeous world. This book elevates our existence, and lays an essential foundation for transcending this most critical era in human history.