Think Broadchurch meets The Twilight Zone.Newly unemployed writer Lillian travels to Glazier's Gap, Colorado to participate in a writer's conference run by a reviving Gothic romance publisher, only to find her life and new, sexy romance eerily and dangerously reflecting the events of an early-'70s "women running from houses" book.Welcome to Glazier's Gap, Colorado-- a small, gossip-filled hamlet started by the mysterious owners of a now-abandoned silver mine whose unwitting rivalries set the town on a cursed trajectory. From an enormous luxury resort hotel destroyed years ago in a landslide- whose wreckage remains half-buried today- to unexplained fires in grand mansions, the town isn't known for good luck. It's a place with a bright side, though: tourists visit its rickety old ski resort, hike shadowed mountain paths and locals attend its small college. There's even a defunct book publisher starting up again. But underneath it all: Glazier's Gap is full of secrets and ghosts.Every book follows a different person in Glazier's Gap who falls into a supernatural love affair-- like Broadchurch with phantoms, a romantic Twilight Zone in a beautiful, creepy town.