When a test of a cutting-edge hypersonic missile goes awry, it triggers an escalating series of violent events that threatens to bring the nations of China and the United States into open conflict. Daniel 'Danny' Blackburn is an American intelligence analyst posted to Australia and working as the lead analyst on the hypersonic missile project. When the new missile goes missing, Danny becomes caught between his loyalty to his country of birth and the land he now lives in, as he is thrust into an increasingly dangerous game played by self-interested individuals who seek to overrule the will of entire nations. Ming Chiang is tasked with secreting the discovered hypersonic weapon back to China, but he must do so without alerting the American and Australian forces, who are desperately searching for their prized technology. The two forces will engage in a game of cat and mouse as sinister truths are revealed and military forces clash, sending ripples throughout the far reaches of the world.