Hiral must grow before a sky-island plummets. Fallen Reach is in danger, and only Hiral and his surviving teammates can save it. Gathering their strength after the loss of their friends, the Builder and Growers race across a hostile landscape to save their homes and obtain the power they need to battle their nigh-unstoppable enemies. The companions must survive dungeons gone wild, the hunger of the dead, and the wrath of an ancient power that was once the hope of an entire people. Still, Hiral will not be deterred, and is ready to cut a path of destruction through his enemies and achieve the loftiest goal of all... ...to become overpowered. And probably explode. The next exciting instalment of the hit Progression Fantasy series from J.M Clarke, Bestselling Author of Mark of the Fool and C.J. Thompson. Continue a weak-to-strong progression into power and a detailed LitRPG system with unique classes, skills, dungeons, achievements, survival and evolution. Explore a mysterious world of fallen civilizations, strange monsters and deadly secrets.