Readers call the ARISEN series: "a hell-fire white-knuckled rampage" ... "edge of the seat, nail biting, page turning mayhem" ... "totally stunning in its originality" ... "Riveting. Absolutely riveting." ... "beyond intense" ... "painfully good" ... "spellbinding" ... "relentless" ... "jaw dropping" ... "Pulse-pounding action at a relentless pace" ... "I keep repeating myself, but this is the best series of books of any genre I've ever read" ... "A full-on express elevator to hell!!!" ... "the best I have ever read in apocalypse fiction of any kind" ... "You have to remind yourself to breathe" ... "Just sheer unstoppable awesomeness" ... "easily ranks in the top tier of all modern thriller fiction" ... "eternally stamped in my memory" ... "A superb ending to an absolutely mesmerizing and phenomenal series. This was an experience I'll never forget." What do you do when you've burned every bridge that can lead you home? When the only path to survival is through an impregnable citadel of certain death? And when the one way to save your place in the Tribe may be to leave your friends behind forever? Strap in for the final chapter in the Raiders saga - the biggest and most explosive ARISEN adventure yet, and the climax and conclusion of the epic series. The USS John F. Kennedy, humanity's last best hope for survival, is running out time, trapped in the Straits of Hormuz by their most lethal and sinister threat ever. And to salvage any chance of survival, or progressing the mission to save humanity, the Marine Raiders must gear up for one last impossible raid, assaulting into the teeth of a fortress defended by 200 Wagner Group contractors, each of whom is better than every one of them - and who are led by a malevolent ghost from the past. Finally, Yaz must confront all his implacable demons to have any chance of coming back from this one, of saving his teammates, or of finding redemption for all that has come before. The Last Raid IT ENDS HERE.