A broke gamer. A deadly online world. Can Dahlia level up fast enough to keep the debt collectors at bay?Dahlia has to pay off her dead father's bills or risk her life in the lithium mines. Which... no thank you. Besides, the world is run by tech, and this gamer girl is determined to explore the virtual world her father was so obsessed with and get rich while she's at it. So, she sells everything and rents a premium VR pod to play Eternal Online. Enter the toughest realm available? Check.Discover the fastest way to loot without dying?... in progress. But when Dahlia finds an epic quest chain that others have overlooked, she thinks she's struck gold. What she doesn't expect is to make friends with two deadly warriors and one powerful creature, or find a world boss gunning for them all. Experience the start of an Epic LitRPG adventure perfect for fans of Travis Bagwell, Carrie Summers, Outspan Foster.Also available on Audible, narrated by Andrea Parsneau (The Wandering Inn, Swing Shift).