Hey, improvisers: you can do whatever the hell you want. In A Subversive's Guide to Improvisation, Razowsky throws conventional improv wisdom on its head by giving you his unique take on how to create masterful improv scenes. Razowsky describes how his life philosophy and improv methodology have evolved on his journey from struggling actor to one of the world's most respected improvisers and coaches. The challenge for most improvisers is sticking to "the rules" and believing "Yes, and" is the magic formula for a successful scene. Characters meander and travel from a state of fluidity to a mess of frustration and ask themselves, "How did I go wrong?"A Subversive's Guide to Improvisation provides methods and exercises that teach you to connect to your partner and the scene without always worrying about responding with "yes, and."Groundbreaking exercises will teach you how to:Freely express your feelings.Believe in yourself.Support your partner.Focus on the present.Ask questions.Say "no" to energize your scene.Start a scene without establishing who, what, and where.Razowsky studied, performed, taught, and directed at Second City with Stephen Colbert, Steve Carrell, and Michael Keegan-Key, among others. He served as Artistic Director of Second City Hollywood before turning his attention to full-time coaching. He directed and taught his methodology worldwide. In the hundreds of workshops he has taught, his students have expressed how much freer they feel in their scene work - and asked "Why isn't this the way improv is always taught?"