In the early ’90s, the KLF was the biggest-selling singles band in the world—until they destroyed their records, erased themselves from music history, and literally set fire to one million pounds. In this fascinating and in-depth biography, popular British writer and cultural historian John Higgs digs into the story behind the end of one of the most popular bands of the late twentieth century. The band members themselves, when asked in interviews, were never able to satisfactorily explain their behavior, but looked haunted every time it came up. With his characteristically creative mind, Higgs leads readers on a journey to understand “a story that no one knows they are in—least of all the main characters.” Ranging from music history to chaos theory to Carl Jung and Doctor Who, this brilliant pop biography has been named one of the top ten music books of the year by The Guardian, The Independent, and Mojo magazine. Perfect for music buffs and mystery fans alike, The KLF is an engrossing and entertaining read.