Preface: Infographics would not exist without journalism / Javier Errea -- Masters. Peter Sullivan -- Masters. Nigel Holmes -- Insights: What does data journalism look like today: A 10-step guide / Simon Rogers -- Masters. Jan Schwochow -- Talents. Alberto Lucas López -- Talents. Monica Ulmanu -- Insights: The elevator pitch: Graphics that connect with your audience / Kat Downs -- Insights: Infographics vs. post-truth: The new disregard for information / Thomas Heumann -- Masters. Amanda Cox -- Insights: This machine makes thought (and feelings, too) / Steve Duenes -- Masters. Archie Tse -- Insights: The social graphics wave / Javier Zarracina -- Talents. Carlos Monteiro -- Talents. Mónica Serrano -- Insights. Faraway, so close. The evolution of a long-term relationship between information design and the media / Paolo Ciuccarelli -- Talents. Simon Ducroquet -- Talents. Anatoly Bondarenko -- Talents. Alijaž Vindiš -- Insights: Illustrating science / Jen Christiansen -- Masters. Pablo Loscri -- Insights. Uncertainty and graphicacy: How should statisticians, journalists, and designers highlight uncertainty in graphics for public consumption? / Alberto Cairo -- Masters. Giorgia Lupi -- Masters. John Grimwade -- Talents. Antonio Farach -- Talents. Manuel Cabrera -- Masters. Fernando G. Baptista -- Masters. Jaime Serra.