Book 4 of Guardian of Aster Fall!Astral threads cut across the world, drawing Sam to them like a fire from the past. He discovers that his new race is intrinsically tied to the Void and the stars.Meanwhile, hints of the First War are returning to Aster Fall as the dimension trembles. Flaws are appearing more rapidly than ever, putting pressure on cities across the kingdom. In the shadows, dangerous artifacts related to Outsiders reveal a troubling connection. The relic also holds ancient secrets, some of them powerful enough to change the balance of power in the land.Sam is hard at work building a home for himself and his family, splitting his efforts between repairing the Moonlight Relic and traveling to gather key materials. He is focused on repairing the defenses and stabilizing the Seal, but his heart is drawn to the stars.Primordial enchantments, crafting, and battles await in the fourth volume of the epic series!