Guardian of Aster Fall, Book 2.Enchantments, runes, and ancient power. These are what will determine whether Sam Hastern survives in his new life.He and his father have fought their way out of the Abyssinian Plains and returned home stronger than before, but Aster Fall is never peaceful for long and the tiny village of Cliff's End is no longer a place they can live.Sam's journey will take him to the distant city of Highfold, where trouble is stirring beneath the mountains known as the Three Crowns. There, ancient ruins are coming to life beneath the light of Aster Fall's triple moons, promising either a route to power or an untimely grave.Will Sam be able to protect his family from the dangers of Aster Fall and prevent the Breaking that was foretold, or will he fail in his most important duty?Ice Sylphs, Outsiders, and strange powers abound in this second volume of the epic series!