Book 5 of Guardian of Aster Fall!Forced into a difficult choice, Sam steps onto the Path of Stars, the ancient trail through the galaxy that will lead him to the history of the Astral Titans. Hundreds or even thousands of years may pass before he can see his family again. Fortunately, time on Aster Fall moves more slowly due to the presence of the Nexus, but he worries for all the things he's left undone.With each step Sam takes, secrets new and old unfurl before his eyes. Some of them hint at the heritage of Asenya, the World Forger, and others about the grandeur of the Astral Titans, the greatest builders that the galaxy has ever known. However, no one has seen a Titan in over a million years.The Path of Stars promises an answer to the mystery of his transformation and the true history of the race, especially when he discovers hints of the Titans among the Outsider's legends as well as the Astrals. Primordial enchantments, crafting, and battles await in the fifth volume of this epic series!