A man on top of the world. Mikhail Volkov began life as an orphan, raised in abject poverty on the fringes of a crumbling empire. Now he's the ruler of his own empire-founder and CEO of Domovoy Technologies-and one of the wealthiest men in the world. Unfathomable luxury, comfort, and power is always at his fingertips. He wants for nothing-except for one elusive desire?A woman strong enough to conquer him. After years of struggle, Kate Pasternak has managed to claw her way above the poverty line to a life of moderate comfort-clean clothes, regular meals, a safe home. It's a precarious position, balanced on the knife's edge between her paycheck and her existing debts. But a chance encounter with the CEO of the company she works for could change all that.An indecent proposal. Mikhail Volkov has the money to get Kate out of debt. All he wants in return is? companionship. But this isn't the usual kind of arrangement. The hard-edged, cutthroat tech baron might be an alpha in the boardroom but, for the right woman, he lives to serve in the bedroom.It seems too good to be true. And it probably is-because the deeper Kate gets entangled, the more she risks losing her own heart to a man who may not even have one.