The year is 1964, and Roberta Fliss has her hands full managing her husband's swanky Las Vegas nightclub, the Three Queens. Times are tough, but when they're invited to a high-stakes poker tournament aboard a luxury yacht, the couple hopes to take home the grandest of prizes. Their host, Vincent "Vinnie" Malone, is a powerful member of the newly founded Vegas Gambling Commission, and after years of scraping by, it seems Roberta and George's fortunes are on the rise. But Lady Luck takes more often than she gives, and this game is about to turn deadly... In this Ellie Tappet Prequel novella, you'll meet the formidable Roberta Crowley decades before she and Ellie ever met. How did Roberta come to own a cruise line? And what really happened to her first husband? Take a trip back in time to the neon city for an origin story you'll never forget.