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Ellie Tappet is back aboard the S.V. Adventurous Spirit, and she's eager to make a splash as the cruise ship's first singles coordinator. As the newest member of the crew, she knew she'd have a lot to learn. But what she hadn't expected was a frosty reception from her new coworkers! The rumor mill is working overtime, and it seems she's made enemies without even trying. To keep her dream job, she must prove herself, and quickly.Ellie wants to help her passengers connect. And she sees the potential for a budding romance or two! But to her dismay, these singles won't mingle! So she comes up with a creative solution: A masked karaoke contest. With their faces hidden from view, Ellie's shy guests can have a moment in the spotlight and make new friends in the process. After all, there's nothing like a friendly competition to get people talking.A tragedy on opening night leaves behind more questions than answers. And Ellie's heartbreak becomes frustration when the official explanation simply doesn't line up with the facts. But is she imagining a crime where none exists? As Ellie investigates, cruel accusations are flung her way, and troubling incidents pop up all over the ship. Her time is running out. Soon, the ship will return to Miami. Can she catch the person responsible before they disembark and escape justice forever?