Ellie Tappet is back aboard the S.V. Adventurous Spirit and eager to make a splash as the cruise line's first ever singles coordinator. As the newest crew member she knew she'd have a lot to learn. What she hadn't expected was a frosty reception! The rumor mill is working overtime and it seems she's made enemies without even trying. To keep her dream job, she must prove herself, and quickly. Ellie sees the potential for a romance or two but these singles refuse to mingle! She comes up with a creative solution: a masked karaoke contest. With faces hidden from view, guests can have a moment in the spotlight and make new friends in the process. There's nothing like a friendly competition to get people talking. A tragedy on opening night has everyone reeling. But is Ellie imagining a crime where none exists? It's all hands on deck for a cozy mystery adventure with the unstoppable Ellie Tappet.