“[A] combination of mystery and science fiction almost reaching the level of Isaac Asimov’s classic LIJE BALEY—Daneel Olivaw novels.” —CHICAGO SUN TIMES Her code name is Sparta. Her beauty veils a mysterious past and abilities far surpassing those of a normal human. For she is more than human: Sparta is the first product of advanced biotech engineering. But now she is little more than a cipher to herself—crucial memories of the past three years are locked away in the dark recesses of her brain. When the crippled freighter Star Queen arrives at Venus Station with a lone survivor on board, Sparta must risk her life to investigate what really happened during its deadly voyage in space. She must solve this mystery even as she unlocks another—the truth behind her own identity . . . This tautly paced story brings together the genius of Arthur C. Clarke and Paul Preuss, whose work has been described by The NEW YORK TIMES as “Lively, intelligent . . . hard-driving.”