The instant New York Times bestseller 'An indispensable guide' James Clear, author of Atomic Habits 'A game-changer' Morgan Housel, author of The Psychology of Money 'A must-read' Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck 'A masterwork' Ryan Holiday, author of The Daily Stoic We all face thousands of decisions every day. They are part of the fabric of our lives. There’s just one problem: most of us have no idea how to make them. Here, Shane Parrish – ‘the former spy who helps Wall Street mavens think smarter’ (New York Times) – draws upon conversations with the world’s leading entrepreneurs and experts to offer a simple, revolutionary method to clear your head and make better decisions. It will help you unlock the life you seek. __ ‘Shane Parrish doesn’t just teach clear thinking – he lives it . . . A lucid manual for overcoming cognitive biases and making better decisions.’ Adam Grant, author of Originals ‘If you want results – good ones – that you can achieve confidently again and again, read this book.’ Annie Duke, author of Thinking in Bets ‘Incisive. Practical. Full of vivid examples, and enormously fun to read.’ Jim Collins, author of Good to Great