Originally published in 1963, this is a collection of true, authenticated accounts of experiences with “living” ghosts, written and compiled by the nationally recognized authority on psychic phenomena, Hans Holzer. This is a fascinating, astounding collection of the weird and inexplicable, including reports on: —The after-death messages from murdered financier Serge Rubinstein —The Bank Street ghost, discovered by a New York Times reporter —The falling mural of Artist John La Farge —The rendezvous with Houdini Fully documented reports of events guaranteed to confound the believer and non-believer alike...Occurrences in the realm of psychic phenomena that defy the laws of nature! UNBELIEVABLE YET TRUE... “True stories of ghosts and poltergeists...not the figment of the author’s imagination.”—Nashville Banner “Unusual reading.”—Camden Courier-Post “If your interest has come to the advanced stage of scientific investigation of the occult, this book is your meat.”—Sacramento Union “Fascinating reading...”—The Hollywood Reporter “Enthralling...guaranteed to amuse, amaze, baffle and entertain.”—Appleton Post Crescent “Packed with spine-tingling stories.”—San Francisco Call Bulletin