'Brad Stulberg is the writer I turn to for examinations of success in all of its personal and professional complexities' - David Epstein Master of Change is offers a captivating and compelling new framework for negotiating our changing world and workplace, and going on to thrive within uncertainty. While we see change as an exception and instability as something to overcome, change is actually an enduring principle of all our lives. Indeed, research shows that, on average, people experience thirty-six major 'disorder events' in the course of their adulthood. The mark of success is how we can flourish not by fighting but by embracing change. Borrowing from the high-performance world of business, resilience-training and mindset-hacking, science and spirituality, philosophy and psychology, bestselling author and coach Brad Stulberg equips the reader with 'rugged flexibility' - a revelatory new framework to help overcome the challenge of change. When we start to implement rugged flexibility, we learn to view change as ongoing cycle of order, disorder, and reorder, and we become adept at thriving in the midst of flux. The result of becoming a master of change is to be less stressed, less anxious and more confident, to experience sustained performance at work and beyond, and be happier and more fulfilled in life.