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Are you well? There are many ways to answer that question. All have in common a sense of what can help you to be and feel well - and what does not. This book provides a comprehensive and inclusive look at wellbeing and how to fully experience richness in life and health. Each of the eleven contributing authors is an expert in their field and shares valuable advice for people of all backgrounds, situations and experience - but their words are particularly pertinent for leaders who feel the pressure and stress of building a career or running a business. The authors are all part of the BIP100 community, a group of experts who put friendship and caring at the top of their values. Together they actively seek to share wisdom while giving back to each other and paying forward in society at large. This book, with a foreword by Penny Power OBE has contributions from Deborah Abbott, Nichola Adams, Christian Espinosa, Kate Faragher, Gaia Ferreira, Dr Elmar Jung, Owen O'Malley, Jane Piper, Tj Power and Michael-Don Smith.