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The Earth Beneath My Feet is the first of two books that describe an epic 7,000-mile wilderness walk across an entire continent. Like millions of people, Andrew Terrill grew up on the edge of a big city. But for Terrill, suburban life felt predictable and crowded - the days lacked purpose and meaning. What he craved was a life of freedom, adventure and simplicity, and after nearly dying in the Swiss Alps that was the life he chose. In May 1997 he left his London home and travelled to the southernmost point of Calabria, Italy. Once there, he turned north and began walking, headed for Norway's North Cape. Leaving civilisation behind, Terrill journeyed deep into the 'other Europe', the hidden wilderness Europe that still exists beyond road's end. Hiking from the Apennine mountain range - a wild side of Italy few outsiders ever know - to the vast northern wildernesses of Arctic Norway, Terrill immersed himself in the natural world, forever seeking a deeper connection with it. The 18-month journey became a voyage of discovery, unveiling the secrets and treasures of Europe's least-known places. The miles brought hardships and struggles, pushed Terrill to his limits, but ultimately led to unimaginable rewards. The Earth Beneath My Feet covers the journey's first eight months, taking readers the entire length of Italy during a searing-hot summer, and across Austria into the depths of an Alpine winter. It is a compelling tale of adventure told with freshness, optimism, wonder and youthful enthusiasm - an inspiring true story of a young man who chose to embrace life and live it to the full.