Silver Mystic is the compendium of a four-book series of the same name, written by Loren Andrews. Sitting somewhere between a dystopian novel, science fiction, and urban fantasy, it tells the story of Ersa and Rayner as they attempt to unravel the secrets of the world, and perhaps even repair it. "Belief precedes reality." No one remembers where they came from. No one remembers exactly who they are. Who they were. Not even the Imms-with their lifetimes of memories-know the whole story. Now it's up to Rayner and Ersa to figure it out. An apathetic, uncertain regular guy with no options, and a calculating killer. Former friends turned sworn enemies now must work together. Because the future-for all of them-depends on uncovering their past. Something is broken in their world. Something fundamental is falling apart. The cycles they've always trusted-the regular, dependable rhythms that keep life, such as it is, going forward--are changing. Somewhere they might find the answer, but they'll have to negotiate with ancient and proud enemies, survive street warfare and high-stakes car races, outsmart slavery rings, and make sure the closest friends don't turn out to be the greatest enemies.