THE PERFECT WEAPON LAY BURIED FOR 70 YEARS. NOW ITS DEADLY POWER HAS BEEN UNLEASHED. The Norwegian Sea: a group of eco-activists disappear from their vessel. Only their dental fillings remain. Owl Mountains, Poland: a wealthy environmentalist resurrects a secret experiment forgotten since the close of the Second World War, determined to heal our ravaged planet. When a dossier finds its way to the desk of Dr. Neil Aldridge, the elite EU special forces team codenamed KESTREL is drawn into a dangerous pursuit across Europe and beyond, to prevent a cull of Earth's greatest threat: humanity. As the final countdown begins, Captain Jessica Greenwood faces the ultimate choice: fight to prevent the dark future ahead, or help make it happen... A page-turning technological thriller with elements of fringe science and conspiracy, TOLL is book 2 in the KESTREL action-adventure thriller series, but can also be read as a stand-alone novel.