Quit Stalling and Losing Steam with This Personal Health Guide Have you suffered from lethargy every time you try to cultivate a healthy habit? Do you start out strong with new diets, but ultimately return to your old habits within weeks or months? Are you frustrated by your lack of forward momentum? Are you tired of starting full on but then ultimately fizzling out? Then you need the help of Jonathan Cairns, author of The Plant Based Runner: A Personal Guide to Running, Healthy Eating, and Discovering a New You. This book isn't like any other running manual you've read. It's a hard-hitting, no-nonsense but compassionate look at how to finally break through to a healthier version of yourself and cultivate a diet that makes you look and feel better long-term. Woven from Cairns' personal story, the guide explores how to get from a path of subtle destruction to a path of health and wellness. It shows you how to take your first steps, and how to keep moving forward. It offers tips on how to become a better you, mentally and physically. Specifically, this book will teach you: Where motivation comes from and how you can get more of it The power of habit and how you can build ones that actually stick How gratitude plays into your daily routines The best place to start (it isn't where you think!) How to get your head in the game for real How to resolve the cognitive dissonance that comes with making real change Which recipes will help you feel healthy and well every hour of the day What runs Cairns has completed, and what you can learn from each The best resources and training plans to turn when in doubt Why it's so important that you make meaningful change now At the end of the day, Cairns simply used running as his favorite tool to fitness and made a conscious decision to eat only what made him feel well - following rules that apply to almost any human. He sticks by the principle that food is either healing or harming us, and we need a guide to make better decisions, which is why all his recipes and running plans are enclosed. Everything is tried and tested by Cairns, from the simplest breakfast to the most elaborate post-workout meal. If you're tired of breaking down, stalling out and losing steam, it's time to make a better decision. It's time to implement simple changes that add up to incredible results. You deserve it. So don't wait. Buy this book NOW to change your life - quite literally step by step. Pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!