This book is literally, a first of a kind and ground-breaking in its intent. The intent of this book is to give national security professionals and other interested parties a baseline understanding of narrative and its principles regarding the potential for predictably triggering behavior. If we are to succeed on the battlefield of influence, understanding narrative is an imperative. This introductory study guide describes methods, from strategic to tactical, to win Narrative Warfare. We begin by defining narrative and its four components. We move to a description of offensive and defensive narratives and then provide details about the specific type of Narrative Identity Analysis of the target audience that will be necessary in order to put together a comprehensive Narrative Strategy. We demonstrate how to trigger identities and frame events in order to completely dominate in Narrative Warfare. For a more complete understanding of influence in general and a more well-rounded understanding of narratives' role in influence, it is highly recommended to add Narrative Warfare, Dr. Ajit Maan, 2018 and Information Warfare, the Lost Tradecraft, Dr. Howard Gambrill Clark, 2018 to your library. Both are Narrative Strategies publications.