Named one of the Scariest Books of 2019 by Grit Daily. Ranked the #1 Most Popular Spooky Fiction Book and Ladies of Horror Fiction Book on Goodreads. "Not for the faint of heart...Shift[s] the perspective of what a horror novel really has the potential to be. Sinkhole is an intelligent and terrifying triumph in the world of horror fiction." - Readers' Favorite Could you learn to get along with a complete stranger - or even your worst enemy - to save your life? A sinkhole swallows a girl in Michigan. Fire shoots into the sky in Pennsylvania. Deer attacks leave people hospitalized in West Virginia. And this is all just the beginning of a catastrophic series of global events that will make you question everything you think you know about the planet, nature, and humanity. From an award-winning, Amazon #1 best-selling author comes this harrowing tale of a world gone mad. Can anyone survive when Mother Nature unleashes her bad side? Featured on 'Horror Continues to Thrive with the Scariest Books of 2019' - Grit Daily Featured on 'Celebrate Halloween with These Macabre and Progressive Horror Books' - Featured on '7 New Horror Books That Will Actually Scare You' - BuzzFeed Community #3 Best-Seller in LGBT Horror (Amazon USA) Top 50 Best-Seller in New Releases Horror (Amazon UK, Canada, and Australia) "Sinkhole is another fine look at the natural world gone mad...a worthy addition to the emerging field of eco-horror." - Alma Katsu, author of The Hunger and The Deep "A very fast-paced, short and punchy adventure horror novel. [It] has an outstanding change of direction halfway through...You will easily read all 200+ pages without drawing much of a breath or pause." - Horror DNA "Sinkhole should be part of every horror fan's TBR pile." - "A fast-paced apocalyptic nightmare." - Grit Daily Readers Have Called Sinkhole: "A classic survival horror novel" "Character and action-driven...a very engaging read." "Absolutely horrifying." Praise for the Author's Previous Books: "Takes [the] standard genre template and turns it upside-down..the crazy whirlwind that ensues is enough to make even the biggest horror fan a bit dizzy...unique...with a literary approach that combines modern and mid-twentieth century techniques." - Inquisitr, The Best Horror Books of 2018 "Taylor weaves a haunting tale of a man who can't be sure if the desolate cabin he's staying in is full of ghosts or if his mind is playing tricks on him." - Popsugar, The 13 Most Chilling Horror Books of 2018 "I thought this would be a simple ghost story like Paranormal Activity. It wasn't. Filled with so much grief and craziness that I might need therapy." - BoredPanda, 7 Books That Scared Me Half to Death "Unique... the author depicts the grieving process amazingly well. The story is claustrophobic... and what an ending. All of the flashbacks and delusions suddenly make sense... [it's a] sucker punch." - "A spectacular read...absolutely gripping. I couldn't force myself to put it down. Taylor did an excellent and meticulous job creating this story, forming imagery...invoking real emotion on the part of the reader." - The Horror Report