Original in both content and style, Something in the Water is a bleakly funny assemblage of never-before-published short stories and poems from the passionate progressive, and widely-celebrated (though not by Tucker Carlson who described him as "the left's new low") Luke O'Neil. Filtered through the lens of a writer and characters who are horrified and yet inspired to carry on despite the earth's looming mortality, O'Neil's unique stream of consciousness style alternates between science fiction, allegory, fables, poetry, and the deeply grounded indignities of modern life. In these pages climate catastrophe lurks on the horizon; animals are voraciously devouring each other; your parents only call to tell you who from home is dead now; and you want to go for a swim, but there's a shark in the pool . In short, Something in the Water is a book for anyone who is trying to survive with a shred of humanity in the bleak alienation of America, 2022.