For many, the book of Revelation seems hopelessly hard to interpret. It gives the impression of being full of frightening and confusing visions. However, To Follow the Lamb: A Peaceable Reading of the Book of Revelation shows that Revelation actually is fascinating, inspiring, and empowering. The key to reading Revelation is simple. Let's take seriously the opening words of the book that tell us it is a "revelation of Jesus Christ." Let's expect Revelation to help us understand Jesus and his will for us. We may expect that Revelation shares the same basic sensibility that we find in the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament. Revelation is an exhortation to discipleship--follow the Lamb wherever he goes! It offers a sharp critique of the world's empires and of how people of faith find ways to be comfortable within the empires. Revelation portrays God as merciful and peaceable--but engaged in a battle against the spiritual powers of evil, as fought with the weapons of love, not worldly violent weapons. To Follow the Lamb opens up Revelation's blueprint for faithful living: Resistance to the empires and embrace of the compassionate and healing love of the Lamb.