Ken MacLeod is back with a stellar interstellar addition to the Lightspeed trilogy! THE FERMI ARE AWAKE… The invention of faster-than-light technology has brought great opportunity, but also great danger. The Black Horizon conspiracy is broken up, but it still has deadly assets beyond the reach of Earth. As the great powers jostle for advantage, the alien minds known as the Fermi have their own ways of dealing with humans meddling in plans vaster and more ancient than anyone can suspect. After the Venus catastrophe, John Grant’s starship Fighting Chance and the Space Station have reached Apis—but not for long. They barely have time to mourn the dead before they’re chased out of the system. The Station begins exploring the systems Black Horizon warned them against—with good reason, as they soon discover. On Apis, Alliance agent Marcus Owen has a new mission: to communicate with the alien intelligences in the rocks, and to stop anyone else from getting to them first. Everyone knows he’s a spy, but he’s not going to let that cramp his style. But the scientists investigating the rock find that the Fermi may not be the only alien intelligence on Apis… Science fiction legend Ken MacLeod returns with book two in the Lightspeed trilogy, a gripping tale of first contact and dark conspiracies set among the stars.