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Archdiocese of Washington exorcist Msgr. Stephen Rossetti and his team have a very active caseload of demonic possessions. Msgr. Rossetti presents many of these stories here, without varnish or hype. In these ninety-five detailed cases, two vivid lessons consistently emerge: 1. Demons possess or simply harass people in myriad ways and need to be taken seriously, even when they do not enter a soul. 2. Demons are defeated, decisively, by the power of Christ and His Church, employing prayer, sacramentals, rites of exorcism -- and especially, invocations to the Blessed Mother. "Despite all their bluster and arrogance, demons are cowards," Msgr. Rossetti reveals. In fact, in every section of his work, he offers detailed "Theological Reflections" explaining the meaning of these possessions, why he thinks God permitted each, and the spiritual benefits accrued. The devil is no match for the Lord of Heaven and Earth.