CONFINE YOUR SOFTWAREJails are FreeBSD's most legendary feature: known to be powerful, tricky to master, and cloaked in decades of dubious lore. Deploying jails calls upon every sysadmin skill you have, and more-but unleashing lightweight virtualization is so worth it.FreeBSD Mastery: Jails cuts through the clutter to expose the inner mechanisms of jails and unleash their power in your service. You will:Understand how jails achieve lightweight virtualizationUnderstand the base system's jail tools and the iocage toolkitOptimally configure jail hardwareManage jails from the host and from within the jailOptimize disk space usage to support hundreds or thousands of jailsComfortably work within the limits of jailsImplement fine-grained control of jail featuresBuild virtual networksDeploy hierarchical jailsConstrain jail resource usageAnd more!Strip away the mystery. Read FreeBSD Mastery: Jails today!