Unabridged English value reproduction of Beyond Good And Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche and translated by Helen Zimmern. This philosophical classic is a must read because of its fearless approach to how knowledge is formed. Beyond Good And Evil asks, is truth absolute? Do humans invent ways to fortify already held views or truly seek the truth? Are the powerful more 'right' than the weak? Or is Nietzsche writing down page after page to hear himself talk? Let the reader decide in this slim volume with full text and footnotes, produced at an affordable price. TABLE OF CONTENTS PREFACE 3 CHAPTER I. PREJUDICES OF PHILOSOPHERS 4 CHAPTER II. THE FREE SPIRIT 13 CHAPTER III. THE RELIGIOUS MOOD 21 CHAPTER IV. APOPHTHEGMS AND INTERLUDES 28 CHAPTER V. THE NATURAL HISTORY OF MORALS 33 CHAPTER VI. WE SCHOLARS 41 CHAPTER VII. OUR VIRTUES 49 CHAPTER VIII. PEOPLES AND COUNTRIES 59 CHAPTER IX. WHAT IS NOBLE? 68 FROM THE HEIGHTS