Digital ministry is complicated and exhausting. You know there's more to it than just streaming services and posting on social media. But where do you start?Dave Adamson was one of the first online pastors in the world, and he draws on this experience to give church leaders a detailed, practical guide to help them develop a church strategy in which online and on-site ministries work together seamlessly. In MetaChurch, you will:(1)See how your 1st century mission can look with a 21st century model(2)Examine ways online church can be a viable evangelistic and discipleship tool(3)Learn how a digital ministry can complement physical ministries and help them grow(4)Discover how to reach and connect with people beyond the church building(5)Develop a discipleship strategy and pathway that leverages online and offline toolsWith real-world illustrations from Dave's ministry experience, case studies of churches that have applied his insights, and step-by-step guides that can be put into practice today, MetaChurch helps ministries of all sizes effectively use technology to reach people and make disciples.