A Jehovah’s Witness’ Painful but Liberating Realization that She Must Give Up Her Faith “An inherently compelling and candidly revealing memoir . . . an extraordinary, riveting and unreservedly recommended read from first page to last.” —Midwest Book Review Linda Curtis was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and is an unquestioning true believer who has knocked on doors from the time she was nine years old. Like other Witnesses, she has been discouraged from pursuing a career, higher education, or even voting, and her friendships are limited to the Witness community. Then one day, at age thirty-three, she knocks on a door—and a coworker she deeply respects answers the door. To their mutual consternation she launches into her usual spiel, but this time, for the first time ever, the message sounds hollow. In the months that follow, Curtis tries hard to overcome the doubts that spring from that doorstep encounter, knowing they could upend her “safe” existence. But ultimately, unable to reconcile her incredulity, she leaves her religion and divorces her Witness husband—a choice for which she is shunned by the entire community, including all members of her immediate family. Shunned follows Linda as she steps into a world she was taught to fear and discovers what is possible when we stay true to our hearts, even when it means disappointing those we love. “. . . a moving portrait of one woman's life as a Jehovah's Witness and her painful but liberating realization that she must give up her faith.” ―Publishers Weekly “Curtis’s story reads as true to life . . . it will resonate across faith lines.” —Foreword Reviews “A profound, at times fascinating, personal transformation told with meticulous detail.” —Kirkus Reviews “...a riveting story, a page-turner, a magnificent contribution, and a book you will never forget.” —Lynne Twist, global activist and author of The Soul of Money “A wonderful book that is about so much more than the Jehovah’s Witnesses.” —Adair Lara, longtime columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle “...brilliant, respectful, insightful and most of all hopeful.” ―Openly Bookish Readers of Educated and Leaving the Witness will resonate with Linda Curtis’ moving and courageous account of personal transformation. Order your copy today and begin reading this disturbing, heartbreaking, and ultimately inspiring memoir.