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Business owners are being slapped in the face by a world that isn't what they knew. They are waking up to a world that has changed-forever. Business owners have not had enough time to see this change coming because change is happening at immense speed. Businesses need to change or they will cease to exist. A paradigm shift is essential for business owners to thrive in our new world. They need to think in terms of value. Value is the paradigm shift. It is the new currency in our changing world. If business owners can find ways to add value to their community, it will draw in their loyalty and ensure the survival of their businesses in a world that is in constant change. Transitioning requires a well-mapped-out plan. The structured methodology presented in this book (the 5D Transition Method) is designed to help business owners look at their life and business. It is meant to help them derive the right answers for themselves in dealing with a world that isn't what they knew. It involves setting up and realizing one's transition plan. There is an urgency for business owners to change. A new world provides an opportunity for business owners to seize the moment. Succeeding in our new world is not a faraway dream. The moment to transition is right now!