With "Mira's Last Dance," multiple-award-winner and bestselling author Lois McMaster Bujold returns to her World of the Five Gods, the setting of her acclaimed novels "The Curse of Chalion," "Paladin of Souls," and "The Hallowed Hunt." Continuing the tale begun in the novellas "Penric's Demon," "Penric and the Shaman," "Penric's Mission," and "Penric's Fox," Bujold's newest installment of Penric and Desdemona's tale is another must-read novella for her legion of fans. In this sequel to the novella "Penric's Mission," the injured Penric, a Temple sorcerer and learned divine, tries to guide the betrayed General Arisaydia and his widowed sister Nikys across the last hundred miles of hostile Cedonia to safety in the Duchy of Orbas. In the town of Sosie the fugitive party encounters unexpected delays, and even more unexpected opportunities and hazards, as the courtesan Mira of Adria, one of the ten dead women whose imprints make up the personality of the chaos demon Desdemona, comes to the fore with her own special expertise.