Ignore the Zealots on Youtube and go with a sane Minimalism Watching those guys on Youtube can be a nightmare. You start thinking that this minimalism thing is all bullshit and you must move into the woods and live a frugal life Don't fret; there is a sane way. Unfortunately, you met the zealots first. I'd be put off by them too if I hadn't started already. But there is a dogma-free way, and I show you how. And yes, it works with kids too. Too bad the zealots scare people away thus never experiencing the benefits of minimalism - living better with less; less stuff less stress less debt less anxiety and even gaining more more quality time more clarity more focus more creativity and much more Don't let that be you and join me in a personal way into minimalism without dogmas. Written with a minimalist mindset and leaving the fluff out. Buy your copy now and start into a happier life.