'An indispensable guide' James Clear, author of Atomic Habits 'A game-changer' Morgan Housel, author of The Psychology of Money 'A must-read' Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck 'A masterwork' Ryan Holiday, author of The Daily Stoic A roadmap for thinking clearly in any situation. We all aspire to see the world clearly. And yet all too often, when the pressure is on, we give in to our most irrational impulses - making intuitive decisions that take us ever-further from our goals. In Clear Thinking, Shane Parrish - 'the former spy who helps Wall Street mavens think smarter' (New York Times) - explains how to think clearly in any situation. He shows that the path to clear thinking lies not in the most high-stakes decisions, but in the most ordinary moments - from how we start our mornings to how we approach our daily conversations. And he uses stories, mental models, and psychological insights to offers a transformative method for seeing through our biases and understanding what's really happening. The result is a must-have manual for optimizing decision-making and living intentionally. It will clear your head and transform your life.