“If you are looking to understand a bit more about the circumstances that inspired The Adventures of Tintin—this book will provide a good snapshot.” —The BookBuff Review Hergé created only twenty-four Tintin books which have been translated into more than seventy languages and sold 230 million copies worldwide. The Real Hergé: The Inspiration Behind Tintin takes an in-depth look at the man behind the cultural phenomenon and the history that helped shape these books. As well as focusing on the controversies that engulfed Hergé, this biography will also look at his personal life, as well as the relationships and experiences that influenced him. “Tintin is more famous now than when Hergé was actually writing and illustrating his adventures. Sian Mye’s book is another in the excellent series about the real lives of our most famous authors, and is well worth a look. Brilliant!” —Books Monthly “It is certainly possible to enjoy the Tintin books without knowing Hergé. But they are more interesting after learning about this complex, sometimes frustrating, man. We can learn from him, even if we learn from his mistakes.” —Rose City Reader