In 1870s Utah, a beautiful young rancher becomes the object of desire for a local polygamist eager to make her one of his many wives. She successfully rejects his advances with the support of two notorious outcasts. Jane Withersteen is a part of a strict Mormon community in Utah. Despite the conservative nature of her peers, she is an independent rancher who lives alone on her family’s land. When she catches the eye of Elder Tull, a prominent church leader, he plans to make her his next wife. He twists the law and manipulates members of the community to isolate Jane, hoping to wear her down. But the cowboy Bern Venters and infamous gunslinger, Jim Lassiter help to stop Tull in his tracks. Riders of the Purple Sage is a classic western written in Grey’s signature prose. Once described as "the most popular western novel of all time" the story has been adapted across multiple mediums, including five feature films. With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of Riders of the Purple Sage is both modern and readable.