Christology is crazy. ItÕs rather absurd to identify a first-century homeless Jew as God revealed, but a bunch of us do anyway. In this book, Tripp Fuller examines the historical Jesus, the development of the doctrine of Christ, the questions that drove christological innovations through church history, contemporary constructive proposals, and the predicament of belief for the church today. Recognizing that the battle over Jesus is no longer a public debate between the skeptic and believer but an internal struggle in the heart of many disciples, he argues that we continue to make christological claims about more than an ÒeventÓ or simply the ÒJesus of history.ÓÊOn the other hand, C. S. LewisÕs infamous Òliar, lunatic, and LordÓ scheme is no longer intellectually tenable. This may be a guide to Jesus, but for Christians, Fuller is guiding us toward a deeper understanding of God. He thinks itÕs good newsÑgood news about a God who is so invested in the world that God refuses to be God without us.