The director of the Killology Research Group shares “a thorough examination of the emotional and physical effects of deadly conflict” (Kirkus Reviews). On Combat examines the stress resulting from engaging in deadly battle and its effects on the human body, from the heart and the nervous system to visual and auditory perception to memory. The historical perspective on the evolution of combat provided in this text further deepens our understanding of the brave men and women who train their minds and bodies to go to that place from which others flee. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, a war veteran and former West Point psychology professor, presents combat coping strategies, demonstrating how one can train the mind to be inoculated against stress, fear, and even pain. This fresh and informative look at post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) details how to prevent it, how to survive it, how to come out of it stronger, and how to help others who are experiencing it. Grossman underscores the importance of post-combat debriefing, when warriors gather to share, learn from each other, and begin to heal from the horror. Based on extensive new research, Grossman’s findings are supported by revealing quotes and anecdotes from combat veterans and other leaders in the warrior community.