We've written this book for the Jobs-to-be-Done student and practitioner who has a basic grasp of JTBD concepts (Forces Diagram, JTBD Timeline, Interview Process) and wants to strengthen their technique and continue to get better results out of their application of Jobs-to-be-Done.How to Use This BookThe only person who knows what you'll hire this book for is you (but we have our theories). Consider: Cramming it to pull out anything you haven't seen before. Flipping through it a few minutes before you conduct an interview to review the basics. Using it to think through who to interview when starting a project. Handing it to a colleague to quickly bring them up-to-speed on JTBD so they can be your interview partner. Not Quite Ready?There are lots of resources available to help you get caught up on the Jobs-to-be-Done basics. Visit JobstobeDone.org and think about: Listening to the JTBD Radio podcast (especially the sample interviews). Taking the Online JTBD Course and learning on your own time. Attending a Switch Workshop and getting an immersive one-day crash course in Jobs-to-be-Done.