The ultimate guide to the Japanese martial arts by the world's foremost expert! Author Alexander Bennett is the ultimate insider, having lived in Japan for decades. He holds multiple black belts in Kendo and Naginata, as well as PhDs in Japanese literature and history. An Insider's Guide to the Japanese Martial Arts is Bennett's personal guide for fellow martial artists and seekers who wish to undertake their own personal quest to study or practice a martial art in Japan. In this book, Bennett outlines the history of the Japanese warrior from early times until the present. Then, as only someone steeped in this world can, he surveys the contemporary martial arts scene and provides essential tips on how to find a teacher and a dojo and how to navigate and survive the difficult martial arts world in Japan today. The chapters in this book cover many different topics, including: The Real Samurai How the Japanese Martial Arts developed Martial Arts Masters You Should Know About Budo in Japan Today Key Martial Arts Concepts Life in a Japanese Dojo A Japan Survival Guide Written in an informal, easy-to-read style, this book will captivate anyone with an interest in Japan and Japanese culture, especially martial artists around the world.