"Radically Condensed Instructions for Being Just as You Are" is perfect for anyone who is curious about nonduality's impact on life as it is lived every day. How can the philosophy of nonduality change how we experience our lives? "Radically Condensed Instructions" helps us integrate nonduality's basic theory - that nothing truly exists outside of the 'here and now' - with the practice of present-moment awareness or "being here, now!" 'Being in the present moment' may sound like redundant nonsense from a purely philosophical point-of-view. However, when we thoroughly understand that present-moment awareness is all there is, we are able to 'be here now' with renewed appreciation and clarity. We can make an uncompromising commitment to the present moment without the distractions of distorted thinking, artificial comparisons and impossible ideals. "Radically Condensed Instructions" can save you a lot of time and wheel-spinning! In what can sometimes seem to be a maze of nondual/spiritual literature, J Jennifer Matthews speaks from a well-read, broad-based background on the subject." -- Peter Francis Dziuban, author of "Consciousness is All: Now Life is Completely New."